Infrastructuur Architect (Brussel)

Voor Brussel Zuidstation zijn we op zoek naar een Infrastructuur Architect.

• In a number of key projects, new infrastructure architectures and designs will have to be done, therefore we are looking for an infrastructure
technical architect/analyst.
• The infrastructure technical architect/designer will discuss architecture with the EA department then design, coordinate, setup and support project
infrastructure activities as well as provide technology direction in support of the projects.
• The infrastructure technical architect/designer is responsible for the full technical design and will guide the implementation of modern and
flexible solutions according to agreed timelines and budgetary constraints in line with the business needs and quality requirements.
• He/she is responsible for building cost optimized solutions to support the business processes and in line with functional and future technical evolutions.
• He/she provides estimates about the time and efforts related to the design and the development of the solution.

1.1. TASKS
In cooperation with the Enterprise Architecture team the Infrastructure designer / technical architect will:
Sizing / RFP
• Establish capacity requirements, sizing of future platforms, infrastructure cost estimates (including licensing costs) and delivery timeframes.
• Play an important role in technical part of possible RFP’s regarding new hardware to buy while taking into account the enterprise-scale infrastructure solutions

Design & documentation
• Translate high-level design into low-level (detailed) technical design
• Assess the technical feasibility of proposed solutions with regard to quality, cost and delivered strategic vision of the applications.
• Deliver detailed design documents in order to build solution according to the existing standards whereas automation is key.
• In collaboration with the service partners and Enterprise Architecture team, design and document the infrastructure foundations for database services,
web services, networking services, storage and backup services, communication services,…

• Coordinate the setup of the technical installation with the service partners…
• Follow-up all activities in conjunction with the delivered designs

• Write and document test scenarios and follow the execution with IT Operations team and service partners

Aftercare / Support
• Support in project aftercare mode the IT operations team after delivering soo creating a loopback to enhance the quality of the designs,
also creating a feedback loop to the enterprise architecture department in case the high level requirements are not actual any more.
• Enhance and resolve issues with performance associated with the delivered infrastructure.

• Mentor others in technology evaluations, technical designs, and technical implementations

Domains of expertise
IT and Digital
Architect 10 y.

Apache 0 y.
AWS (Amazon Web Services) 5 y.
Azure 5 y.
Linux 5 y.
Microsoft Windows 7 y.
MS SQL Server 6 y.
MySQL 5 y.
Oracle 7 y.
PostGres 5 y.
TomCat 0 y.
Weblogic Application Server 0 y.
Webservices 0 y.
Wintel 0 y.